April 30, 2022 new prices

Inflation averaged 3.8% in Quebec in 2021 and has kept rising for the past few months (currently at 5.4% in Quebec and 5.7% in Canada). However, thanks to continued membership growth and increased shipment volume, our Purolator contract was still renewed with a smaller increase than inflation 😊

From now on, the delivery costs will be lower by using YOUR OWN PACKAGING as well as the GROUND option.

SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE MORE EXPENSIVE WHEN USING PACKAGING PROVIDED BY PUROLATOR since it says EXPRESS on it. You will need to determine if, in your case, it will be more economical to take the price with packaging included or to buy packaging elsewhere.

Here is a comparison, for a 3 lb package, measuring 3x6x8 in, from Gaspe to Toronto as an example.
   Ground + Customer packaging:

      2021=$7.93 / 2022= $8.08 ($8.07 + 1¢ if residential) / the increase is 1.9%

   Express Pack or Express Envelope or Customer Packaging with Express option:

      2021=$7.93 / 2022= $8.21 ($8.20 + 1¢ if residential) / the increase is 3.5%.

   Added to this is fuel, Quebec taxes and exceptional surcharges if applicable:

      See pages 5 and 6 of www.idhesion.com/P/purolator.pdf

Note: When you asked for a signature required for delivery in a residential area (so that the package is not left in front of the door) it was $1.50. Unfortunately the price went up to $1.74, but this signature remains free on commercial streets. Based on your past experiences and the value of your packages, we recommend that you calculate the risk to see if it is better for you to take this signature or if it is more advantageous to plan for a little loss. Examples: If you make 500 shipments per year in residential areas, for parcels worth $50 and you have 2 of them stolen per year from your customers' doorsteps, it is better to lose $100 worth of merchandise rather than pay 500x$1.74= $870. But if you make 50 residential shipments worth $500 each, it is better to pay 50x$1.74=$87 rather than risk having a package worth $500 stolen.Or you can decide to take a risk on your small value shipments and take the $1.74 residential signature on valuable packages, the decision is yours. But remember that it is not possible to claim the value of stolen parcels when the signature is not required. If you select the signature and the $1.74 does not appear in the estimate, you will know that it is free because it is on a commercial street.

To know the prices of other formats, weights, destinations and options, you must use the online estimator. For heavy or bulky shipments, it is generally more economical to use GLS (formerly called Dicom) with Groupe-DJG discounts. www.commercantschaudiere.com/D/Dicom.pdf

Due to the currently high shipment volumes, it is better to not promise your customers next day delivery. If you tell them that it takes 3 days, they’ll appreciate receiving their product in 2 days 😉 When creating a label, register their mobile phone numbers and/or emails; they will receive delivery notifications. Furthermore, it can be reassuring for some of your customers if you can add this to your order form; “If you are no home often and do not want the package placed in front of your door or that a note be left by the delivery person, please give us the address of a trusted person or of his/your work!”

PS: The 2021 prices remain applicable until April 29, 2022!

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